Go GREEN With Your Sprinkler System

By incorporating all 3 GREEN systems: the MP Rotator nozzle, the fertile earth profeeder fertilization and either the E.T. controller or the moisture sensor. You will see an amazing difference in your landscape.

Grass will be greener…

Flowers more colorful, vegetables bigger and better tasting, reduction of diseases and pests. It will reduce contamination of water resources by virtually eliminating fertilizer runoff.

What About the Chemicals?

The organic Fertile Earth fertilizers are not as harsh as traditional fertilizers. The amount of fertilizer needed is substantially less, since it is applied each time you water. Absorption into ground is substantially higher. Plants not only take in nutrients from their root system plants also uptake nutrients through their leaves. Water and fertilizer usage will continue to be less as your landscape becomes healthier. As this happens you will also notice you will have less weeds, thatch and damage to your landscape during harsh weather conditions Summer or Winter.

Traditional Spray Heads?

MP Rotator nozzles will decrease the amount of water runoff. It applies water slowly (opening the pores of the soil, if you will) to allow water to penetrate deep down. Traditional spray heads apply water quickly, and the dry top layer of the soil will not absorb the water. The water runs off before it can be absorbed. The key is during the hot days of summer when top layers of the soil dry out quickly, we need the soil deep down to be saturated and moist with water content.

Landscape Damage?

Most landscapes are over watered 30 to 300% causing 80% of all landscape damage. Save money on water bills, help in saving our precious water resources, have less environmental impact on our future generations by going GREEN.

Go Green

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