Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler installation is much more complicated than simply placing pipes in the ground. We know installing a sprinkler system can seem overwhelming and expensive. With years of experience and licensed 2 person teams, Woody’s Sprinklers specialists know how to evaluate your property to recommend the best design and system to make life better for you and your lawn. During evaluation and installation, Woody’s is focused on providing its customers with the latest proven technology to assure dependable and trouble-free systems that optimize head coverage and maximize irrigation.

At Woody’s Sprinklers, we believe in offering our customers cost savings with pricing programs that will insure you get the most convenient and effective ways to keep your property looking at its best. Contact us today for more information on sprinkler installation.

Woody’s Lawn Sprinkler service area is 144th avenue to the north, Sheridan to the east, Colfax to the south and Highway 93 to the west.
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