Fertilize Your Lawn Through Your Sprinkler System

Most systems can have fertigation systems installed into existing piping of sprinkler systems. This Fertile Earth system is safe and will not harm children or pets. The organic Fertile Earth fertilizers are far less harsh than standard fertilizers and you use far less amounts of fertilizer. You must have a back flow preventer and utilize fertilizer formulas offered by Fertile Earth.

Fertile Earth Results

Most people fertilize 2-4 times a year…

creating a spike in nutrients for short periods of time. This system will feed nutrients to your lawn, plants, flowers and garden every time you water. Keeping a steady stream of nutrients feeding them and not just watering them.

We do not sit down at the beginning…

of each month and eat one meal for the whole month. Why should plant life be any different? Watering and feeding your lawn, plants, flowers and garden each time you water will make them happy, strong and healthy. Garden vegetables will be bigger and taste better, Plants will be more colorful and all of them will require less water. Smaller water bills will make you happy too.

Fertile Earth Profeeder

In ground Fertile Earth Profeeder

Fertile Earth Fertilizers

Fertile Earth Fertilizers

Fertilizer Refill Service Contract

  • We will refill fertilizer 3 times a season labor included for $ 200.00… $70.00 x 3 for service call… & $30.00 x 3 for fertilizer is normal pricing… Contract saves you $ 90.00.
  • Before service begins all contracts need to be paid in full. They can be pro-rated depending on timing of agreement.

Woody’s Lawn Sprinkler┬áservice area is 144th avenue to the north, Sheridan to the east, Colfax to the south and Highway 93 to the west.
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